Soros sponsored progressive prosecution leads to another murder, this time in Philadelphia

Alleged killer of Temple Grad had just been released on a super low-ball bail

This website has been talking about why “progressive prosecution” is a dangerous ideology and how Billionaire activist George Soros has spent millions to get these ideologues elected as chief prosecutors of major cities.

Last December, Josephus Davis, 20, was arrested and charged with violently carjacking an Uber driver. Then he was charged with assaulting a corrections officer while in custody. He faced $100k bail for the carjacking and $20k bail for the assault. This was reduced from $120k to $32k at a court hearing on December 29th. Davis walked out of jail after putting up a mere $3,200 (10%).

Two weeks later, on January 13th, he allegedly murdered Temple Grad student Milan Loncar, 25. Surveillance video shows Loncar being patted down by an armed assailant and then fatally shot in the chest. Davis has now been charged with murder and denied bail. Police say that a second unnamed suspect has also been taken into custody.

Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby blamed Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, saying the murder “lies solely in his lap.” Krasner declined to hold a press conference and instead his office released a statement blaming the judge and the probation office. Following a backlash, Krasner issued a statement accusing his critics of “weaponizing this tragedy.”

On January 20th, during a press conference by the Philadelphia Police Department, assistant prosecutor Joanne Pescatore told media that the District Attorney’s office did not object when a judge reduced Davis’ bail to a super low level. She states “I’m sure many balls were dropped.”

Krasner’s official website for his administration brags about how he is reducing the amount of time criminals will spend in jails, prisons, or on probation and parole.

Krasner was elected DA in 2017 after George Soros spent $1.45 million on his campaign through a Political Action Committee [PAC].

Krasner’s has overseen an explosion of homicides and gun crimes in Philadelphia. The first full year that Krasner was DA, Philadelphia had their highest number of homicides in ten years. Philadelphia ended the year 2020 with the highest number of homicides in thirty years.

2017: 317

2018: 351

2019: 356

2020: 493

As homicides and gun crimes have exploded, Krasner’s office has dismissed or withdrawn an increasingly large percentage of charges each year. McNesby told FOX News “this goes right to the common theme of our district attorney here in Philadelphia. His ‘catch and release’ program, he’s experimenting with since 2017, is not working. Just this month we have 85 people shot in the City of Philadelphia, 12 of those were under the age of 18. We’re leading the league, unfortunately, in murders this month alone, we have over 30. There is no fear of repercussion in the City of Philadelphia. [Criminals] know they are going to get out and [Krasner] won’t do anything to them. It is a shame.”

A group of retired police officers in Philadelphia started a PAC last year called “Protect Our Police.” Their goal is to directly oppose Soro’s funded candidates. The PAC’s president Nick Gerace recently stated that they are raising money to “counter George Soros’ efforts to elect weak prosecutors who too often side with criminals rather than victims.”

Former homicide prosecutor Carlos Vega is running against Krasner on a law and order platform in 2021.

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