Auto theft reaches insane levels in Philadelphia

This is your city under progressive prosecution

The rise of social justice reform and progressive prosecution in Philadelphia coincides with both an explosion in homicides and auto thefts. These are the two crimes that can demonstrate just how bad crime really is. Even when people give up on calling the police for other crimes, homicides and auto theft will still get reported.

Auto Theft in Philadelphia:

2019: 6,670, 18.3 per day
2020: 8,899, 24.4 per day
2021: 9,920, 27.2 per day
2022: 12,709, 34.8 per day

Philadelphia police say over 1,200 cars were stolen in the first 22 days of 2023. This is 54.5+ per day. Police say this does not even include violent carjackings.

Police and media in Philadelphia have blamed Tik Tok instructional videos for the recent surge in auto thefts. However auto thefts were already surging each year for three years.

Philadelphia Homicides:

1990: 500 (1586k, 31.5 per 100k) former record for highest rate
2019: 356 (1584k, 22.5 per 100k)
2020: 499 (1584k, 31.5 per 100k) tie with 1990
2021: 561 (1585k, 35.4 per 100k) new all time record
2022: 516 (1576k, 32.7 per 100k)

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