Soros funded Philly DA strikes again: Career criminal, released on a PR bond, allegedly dismembered man

Another man is dead because Krasner wants fewer people in jails and prisons

Pictured above: Taray Herring is on the left, the victim Peter Gerold is on the right. Larry Krasner is in the middle.

Progressive Prosecutors espouse a dangerous ideology that it is the job of the chief prosecutor to reduce the number of people in custody. They are more concerned with radical ideologies than stopping crime, and America is suffering terribly because of them.

The latest disaster comes from Soros funded Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, a man who is already notorious for his leniency with dangerous criminals.

A man named Taray Herring, 47, was allegedly caught with a dismembered human torso. The torso was found in a Uhaul truck. The only reason police searched the Uhaul was because someone called the police and said they believed it was being used to commit a burglary.

The theory right now is that the torso belongs to homeowner Peter Gerold. He is believed to have been murdered, dismembered, and then his home was being burglarized using a Uhaul with his dismembered torso still inside the truck. The rest of the body was discovered in a nearby dumpster.

This is where Larry Krasner comes in.

Herring is already a registered sex offender, convicted of indecent assault twice, once in 2000 and again in 2013. In 2019, he was charged with stealing a car while on parole. Normally committing a serious crime while on parole would send you straight back behind bars. Krasner’s office gave him a wrist slap plea deal that saved him.

Then in 2020, he was charged with burglary. Sounds like a dangerous career criminal, right? Well, a public defender asked the judge to let Herring go free without having to post bail. Krasner’s office went along with it, so he was released back into the public. That was in May. Then one month later Krasner’s office again saved Herring from going back behind bars. The County Probation Department issued a detainer requesting that Herring be held for violating his parole over the burglary charge. Krasner’s office successfully got a judge to dismiss it.

This is the result of having a DA who is an ideologue that wants to reduce the number of people in custody.

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