Philly: 3 killed, 12 injured in 4 bus stop shootings in 4 days!

Is public transportation safe in Philadelphia?

On March 3rd, Sawee Kofa, a 27-year-old Black male, was shot at a SEPTA bus stop. He was fatally shot by a man who exited the bus behind him. There is no description of the at-large suspect in the media.

The next day, two Black males opened fire on High School students as they were exiting a SEPTA bus. Dayemen Taylor, a 17-year-old Black male, was killed. Two other High School students were injured. Two adult females, one aged 71, were hit by bullets while sitting on the bus.

The next day, Carmelo Drayton, a 37-year-old male, was shot and killed while sitting on a bus. An at-large Black male suspect was exiting the bus, then turned around and shot Drayton in the chest as he was leaving.

The next day, a group of Black males opened fire on High school students after they exited from a SEPTA bus. Eight victims, ages 15-17, were hit and injured. One victim was shot nine times.

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