Majority of Austrians want a full stop to asylum


In a new poll, 56% of Austrian voters said they agree that Austria needs a complete shutdown of the asylum process that allows illegal aliens to remain in the country. Only 37% said they were opposed. The poll was conducted by Unique Research Institute, and had a sample size of 800.

Even the left-wing socialist party is split. For supporters of the Austrian Social Democrats [SPÖ], 46% agree with a moratorium. Recently, Georg Dornauer, leader of the SPÖ in Tyrol, said he was open to discussing an asylum moratorium for at least a few years. He was immediately chastised by Andreas Babler, the national chair of his party.

Among supporters of the conservative Austrian Freedom Party, which is polling in first place, support for a moratorium is 87%. Despite being demonized in the European media for two and a half decades, the Austrian Freedom Party is once again polling as the first-place party with around 30%.

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