Uyghur activists denounced as “anti-Asian racists” for counter-protesting against Chinese government

The people who most oppose the Chinese government are other Asians

For months, the media and the political elites in the USA have been hyping a false narrative that Asian people are under attack by “racist Whites.” We are supposed to believe that Donald Trump’s rhetoric against the Chinese government has caused this.

This wildly false narrative is being promoted, in part, because the current presidential administration is pursuing a China-friendly foreign agenda. So those who have a China-skeptic worldview are being denounced as “racist” in an attempt to silence them.

Over the weekend, there was a rally in Washington DC called “Stop Asian Hate.”

A group of Uygurs drove around the rally area to protest the repression of the Uyghur people by the government of China. They were denounced as “racist.” In fact, the self-described “Prime Minister in exile” of the Uyghur people even denounced the Uyghur counter-protesters on Twitter to pander to America’s elites.

Generally, the people who most oppose the Chinese government are other Asians. Uygurs, Tibetans, Macau, The people of Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Mongolians, South Koreans, Japanese, Indians (from India), etc. The places where you find the most intense hatred of the Chinese as an ethnic group are probably in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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3 years ago

In Indonesia, they have actual anti-Chinese pogroms