Illegal alien murdered man after celebrities helped block his deportation

Major celebrities and political leaders protested his deportation

In 2003, Ernesto Elliott, 45, entered the UK from Jamaica. Afterward, he began acquiring criminal convictions at a rate of one per year. In 2010, the British government rejected his asylum request, and he was eligible for deportation as a foreign criminal.

The British government finally scheduled him for deportation ten years, and many crimes later, in 2020.

This was when major celebrities and dozens of Labour party MPs came to his defense. Jeremy Corbyn, Naomi Campbell, Thandiwe Newton, Diane Abbott, Shami Chakrabarti, Keir Starmer, David Olusoga, and dozens of elected Labour MPs signed letters protesting.

An army of specialized lawyers was deployed to derail the deportation.

Out of fifty-one criminal foreigners who were supposed to be deported to Jamaica on the same flight, only four went. The other forty-seven were held up by activist legal motions.

The centerpiece of their argument was that separating Elliot from his family in the UK would be cruel, including his adult son Nico, now 26.

Six months after he was supposed to be deported, he was caught on video engaged in a fight with African immigrant Nathaniel Eyewu-Ago. Elliott appears to have a machete, and Eyewu-Ago is armed with a large knife or machete.

At one point, Nathaniel Eyewu-Ago breaks and runs. He is pursued by Elliot and Elliot’s son Nico. Eyewu-Ago was stabbed through the heart and died six days later.

Elliot was just convicted of murder last month and just sentenced to at least twenty-six years for murder. His son Nico was sentenced to a minimum of twenty-two years for his role in the killing and a robbery.

It estimates that it will cost around 2.5 million pounds to imprison them both for the minimum sentences. This is over $3 million US dollars.

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