English Touring Opera fires 14 older Whites to “increase diversity”

Tax-payer funded Arts Council is demanding that recipients take greater action to increase diversity

In their latest bid to promote musicians based on skin color rather than talent, the English Touring Opera [ETO] is shrinking the size of their orchestra. Fourteen White musicians, who have been with the orchestra for as long as twenty years, are being dropped. These musicians range in age from 40 to 68. ETO musicians have to be rehired each season, even though musicians generally treat it as a long-term career.

In a letter to the musicians, ETO director James Conway told them that they were being dropped because ETO was “increasing all kinds of diversity in its team.”

The move was denounced by the Musician’s Union [MU], who say the orchestra members already lost income because of lockdowns. The union released a statement saying, “It comes at an especially devastating time for the freelance community, and musicians in general, with so many struggling with little work and income during the COVID-19 crisis.”

ETO says the move is to come into compliance with guidance from the Arts Council of Great Britain. This is a tax-funded government body that provides about $2 million in annual funding for the ETO. The Arts Council has also been pumped millions to far-left activists for “advice.” For example, the Welsh branch of Arts Council recently hired Black Lives Matter activist Andrew Ogun to advise the group “using his knowledge, expertise and lived experience.”

Arts Council is now on the defensive, saying that they never specifically advised anyone to fire White musicians, even though they have urged recipients of their funding to get “creative” when looking for ways to increase diversity.

The ETO has also tried to incorporate rap and hip hop into the orchestra as part of their strategy of dropping older Whites for younger Blacks.

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