Left-wing activist allegedly stabbed to death by illegal alien ex-boyfriend

He pleaded guilty to kidnapping a previous girlfriend in 2018

Emma Shafer, 24, was found stabbed to death last Tuesday. The suspect is her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel P. Calixto, 25.

Shafer is an intern for US Senator Tammy Duckworth and part of multiple left-wing activist groups. She is on the “Racial Equity Task Force” for Resistor Sisterhood. She is also described as a “community organizer” for the left-wing “racial equality” group Faith Coalition for the Common Good.

Calixto is an illegal alien who has allegedly been in the USA since he was five. In 2018, he pleaded guilty to kidnapping another ex-girlfriend and was sentenced to six years. However, the charge was vacated in 2020, and he was released. In 2021, he was federally charged with improper entry.

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