NYPD to illegals: Live in a tent or receive a free plane ticket

International flights included!

In the past year, New York City has put illegal aliens on buses and dumped them in counties across upstate New York, as well as the Canadian border.

Canada refuses to take more, and multiple New York counties are suing NYC to prevent more dumping. More recently, NYC Mayor Eric Adams broke down and said the continued influx of illegal aliens will “destroy New York City.”

New York City says it will maintain its status as a “right to shelter” city; however, that shelter is about to be dramatically downgraded. Single males will now have to re-apply for free shelter every thirty days. Families will have to re-apply every sixty days. Everyone can continue receiving shelter from the city. However, that shelter is now far more likely to be a tent.

All the aliens living in free hotel rooms, at tax-payer expense, will start losing these rooms. Migrants may lose spots in dormitory-style shelters as well. Instead, they will find themselves living in tent cities.

Alternatively, the city will provide them a free plane ticket to any city they choose, including international flights. The free tickets will be distributed at the location where aliens must apply or re-apply for shelter. City officials hope that when they discover they are only getting a tent, some will choose a plane ticket and try a different city.

Some illegal aliens may realize that far-left NGOs lied to them about the extent of free stuff in the USA and fly home on their own. However, the free international flights could also be yet another way for NYC to dump their illegals on Canada as well.

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