BLM protests Carmine’s Restaurant in NYC on behalf of trio arrested for attacking the staff

Hysterical BLM activists scream profanities at diners

Three Black females from Texas were videotaped assaulting people at Carmine’s Restaurant in New York. They launched the attack because the restaurant said they were unable to seat two other Black males because of the vaccine passport mandate made by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

Sally Rechelle Lewis, 49, Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, 44, and Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, 21 were all arrested. Police say they repeatedly punched a female hostess and broke her necklace. The victim suffered bruises and scratches. Salley is from Houston, the other two are from Humble, Texas. Tyonnie is Kaeita’s neice.

The three suspects had entered the restaurant with vaccination cards. However, two Black males tried to join them who did not have vaccination cards. When they explained the new mandate by Mayor Bill de Blasio, the attack started.

The three suspects immediately had a lawyer from Texas contact the New York media with an elaborate tale of racial persecution. A tale which no one witnessed and contracts all evidence. According to their lawyer, a multi-racial group of hostesses, one of whom is Black, targeted them for being Black and called them the “n-word.”

Rather than condemn bad behavior, local Black Lives Matter leaders denounced the restaurant, saying Carmine’s “disrespected Black women.” BLM protesters just descended on the restaurant at 5:00 PM today and screamed profanities and racial abuse at diners and staff.

From Carmine’s Restaurant:

Last week’s violence against our staff had nothing to do with race, despite a Texas criminal defense lawyer’s false assertions to the contrary. Three of our hosts who are respectively Black, Latinx, and Asian American women did their best to welcome a large party while enforcing New York’s vaccination requirement for indoor dining. We require that every guest show evidence of vaccination to eat inside. Unfortunately, some male members of the party were unable to provide vaccination proof and so could not enter the restaurant. Three female guests in the party who had shown proof of vaccination and been welcomed into the restaurant without issue then launched an entirely unprovoked, brutal attack on our hosts, one of whom continues to suffer from a concussion.

None of the attackers offered any reason for their attack. None of the hosts – all of whom are people of color – uttered a racial slur. None of the attackers mentioned anything about race to our managers, staff, or the police who arrested them, and the Texas criminal defense lawyer’s false assertion otherwise is a deeply cynical ploy to try to excuse wanton violence.

We are focused on keeping our employees safe as they continue to enforce New York’s vaccine mandates, and we encourage everyone to get vaccinated. We are also very grateful for all of the support from our community and the City, which has been incredibly touching for our staff.

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