Richmond mayor brags about taking down White statues while Black homicides explode

Attack Whites to distract from the real issues

Richmond’s left-wing Black mayor Levar Stoney is publicly bragging about dismantling statues of White people. He even ordered a city crew to dig up the physical remains of Confederate General AP Hill. While Levar carries out his racial revenge fantasy, conditions for the average Black resident are declining. Black homicides are rapidly surging in the city once again.

Richmond is seeing a surge in homicides, much of which are going unsolved. An overwhelming majority of these homicides are Black on Black. However, there have also been many Black on White homicides recently as well.

Technically, the current homicide rate is not nearly as bad as the 90s. In 1994, Richmond was declared the murder capital of America. However, Richmond had a larger and younger Black population at the time. Even though the overall population of the city is larger now, the total number of Blacks in Richmond is still down compared to 1990.

Richmond Black percentage:

1990: 55%
2000: 57%
2010: 50%
2020: 46%

Fromm 1988 to 1997, Richmond had over 100 murders per year. However, Richmond’s worst neighborhoods from the 90s imploded, with many Black residents moving away. The remaining Black population began aging. Eventually there was an influx of White and Latino newcomers along with gentrification. From 2008 to 2018 annual homicides remains under 60 per year. This period has now ended.

1994: 160 (198k, 80.8 per 100k) – highest total and rate ever

2004: 95 (237k, 40.1 per 100k) – Worst year since the 90s

2018: 53 (230k, 23.0 per 100k)
2019: 61 (231k, 26.4 per 100k)
2020: 66 (227k, 29.1 per 100k)
2021: 93 (227k, 41.0 per 100k) – Highest homicide rate since the 90s

In 2021, the Richmond police department reported the FBI that 82.0% of homicide victims were Black and 93.1% of known homicide suspects were Black. 

Known Black on White homicides in Richmond this year:

On September 24th, Nene Aida Klein, 30, was shot and killed. Laquan Johnson, a 30 year old Black male was arrested. The perp appears to have been her boyfriend.

On August 4th, Candace Gomness, 23, was murdered in Richmond. Police say that Miguel Rampersad, a twenty-year-old Black male, shot her and another male victim while they were inside their car. The unnamed male victim survived.

On July 11th, Matthew Joseph Tommasso, 33, was murdered. Police have charged two Black males with killing him and a Black female with being an accomplice.

On July 3rd, Kyle Stoner, 36, was murdered inside a restaurant in Richmond. Derrick Adjei, a 24-year-old Black male, was apprehended after a high-speed car chase.

Chesterfield County, right outside Richmond city limits:

On November 18th, JoAnna Marie Cottle, 39, was murdered along with her three mixed-race children. Her Black boyfriend, Jonah Adams, is the suspect. He was also the father of two of the child victims.

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