Newly elected Soros funded DA charges victim of BLM/Antifa riot with murder for defending himself last year

It's not justice; it's "restorative justice."

On July 25th, Sargeant Daniel Perry was driving near the Texas Capitol building when a violent armed mob of rioters swarmed his vehicle. One rioter, Garret Foster, is on video pointing a Kalashnikov rifle at Perry’s face.

Perry drew a lawfully concealed handgun and defended himself. Foster died at the scene. The attack was captured on video from multiple angles. During the George Floyd riots, BLM/Antifa opened fire on motorists in Atlanta, Seattle, Alamosa, Aurora, and other cities. Several people were killed and many more injured. Eight-year-old Secoriea Turner was slaughtered in Atlanta when multiple armed BLM rioters opened fire on her parent’s vehicle.

Earlier in the day, police had prevented rioters from blocking the streets. However, at some point, police stood down and gave up the streets to the mob. Foster made an angry video clip brandish what he called an “AK-47” in public while decrying the police for not allowing them to block cars illegally. Foster is said to be a member of the “Boogaloo” movement. Members of this movement range from Left-libertarian to Anarchist in ideology and often participate in BLM & Antifa riots.

Now, almost one year later, the victim of the attack has been indicted for murder. So what changed? Was there new evidence? No, there is a new DA in town.

José Garza became the new District Attorney for the county last November. He ran as a progressive prosecutor who promised to halt the prosecution of some low-level crimes and practice “restorative justice.” Extreme far-left PACs poured over a half-million dollars into his campaign. George Soros’s Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC poured $409k into Garza’s campaign. The San Francisco-based Real Justice and the Austin-based Workers Defense in Action PAC also spent money to elect Garza.

José Garza convened a grand jury but forbade requests by Perry’s lawyer to submit any evidence. It was a classic “ham sandwich” grand jury. District Attorney will sometimes conduct sham grand juries as political cover for controversial charges. The euphemism ham sandwich is used because it is said that a DA can control the evidence presented to the point that he could “indict a ham sandwich.” Perry’s lawyer says this is very unusual for the state of Texas,

BLM & Antifa rioters have been demanding that Perry be charged with crimes for defending himself. He is a significant target of the left-wing activist community.

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