Police save woman and her two Black children from murderous thug in Minneapolis. BLM outraged!

Self-defense is always wrong if the perp is Black

Police spent six hours pleading with Sundburg to surrender peacefully.

Arabella Foss-Yarbrough was inside her apartment Wednesday night. She was cooking dinner for her two children, aged 2 and 4, when bullets ripped through her kitchen.

Foss-Yarbrough says that her neighbor, Andrew “Teckle” Sundberg, was standing outside her apartment, trying to spot movement in the windows and firing shots. Sundberg had been harassing her for months.

When police arrived, Sunderberg fired at them, and a six-hour standoff began. Sundberg refused to lay down his gun and go peacefully. Police eventually killed him. The local FOX affiliate published two hours of the standoff on YouTube. Police can be heard begging Sunderberg to cooperate every few minutes over a megaphone.

Sundberg was an Ethiopian adopted by White American foster parents when he was four. Foss-Yarbrough says she is mixed race and her children have a Black father.

The victim’s family says she was fired from her job after the shooting. On Saturday, a BLM mob formed outside the victim’s apartment chanting, screaming, and yelling through megaphones. Their actions appear tantamount to open harassment of the victim. At the very least, they have zero concern for her.

Foss-Yarbrough accused the BLM of acting in bad faith. She said that if she or her kids had been murdered, none of them would care. She also said the perp had been a menace to the local community, but no one in BLM ever acted to intervene and try to keep his bad behavior from escalating.

Since the BLM riots on 2020, twin cities Minneapolis and St. Paul have seen an explosion in homicides. St. Paul had it’s highest homicide rate in city history last year. An overwhelming majority of all murders in Minneapolis and St. Paul are Black on Black. In 2020, 89.7% of homicide suspects in St. Paul were Black, even though Blacks only make up about 17% of the population.

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