Huge majorities of all crimes going unsolved/unprosecuted in Michigan

Does crime pay in Michigan?

The new 2022 Michigan Crime Report has some extremely shocking details. Most people who commit crimes are never prosecuted. This includes a majority of all murderers.

Michigan Homicides:

2017: 572 (9,977k, 5.7 per 100k)
2018: 559 (9,987k, 5.6 per 100k)
2019: 574 (9,985k, 5.7 per 100k)
2020: 760 (9,967k, 7.6 per 100k) – highest rate since 1998
2021: 757 (10,050k, 7.4 per 100k)
2022: 685 (10,034k, 6.8 per 100k)

Murders & nonnegligent homicides were down in 2022 but still far higher than what they were pre-2020, before nationwide BLM rioting. However, 52% went uncleared.

The first shock is the extreme racial disparity. A total of 72% of victims were Black, and 77.1% of known offenders were Black. The US Census Bureau lists Michigan as only 14.1% Black.

Not only are Blacks in the state committing murders at astronomical rates compared to other races, but a significant percentage of all non-Black victims are killed by Black perps. National Conservative has been creating the most comprehensive picture of interracial homicide in the USA. So far, we are finding that Blacks commit 60%+ of all interracial homicides in the USA despite only making up about 13.5% of the US population.

Now, look at these abysmal clearance rates. Clearance means a suspect has been identified and is being criminal charged and prosecuted, or he is deceased.

Over half of murders are going unprosecuted. Over two-thirds of non-fatal gunshot wounds are going unprosecuted. Over three-fourths of burglaries are going unprosecuted. Over Over three-fourths of rapes are going unprosecuted. Over eleven-twelfths of motor vehicle thefts are going unprosecuted. 

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