Yet another Black college announces massive security upgrades

Morgan State is plagued by crime committed by the local Black community

Morgan State University is a small Black University located in Baltimore. On October 3rd, a mass shooting occurred outside the freshman dorms. Five people were shot and injured. Four of the victims are students. Police are looking for two Black male suspects.

Two days ago, University president Dr. David Kwabena Wilson announced $22.5 million in security upgrades:

  1. 8,000 feet of new fencing barriers ($6 million)
  2. 250 new security cameras
  3. 23 new officers for the University Police Department
  4. more private security guards
  5. armed security at dorms 24/7
  6. metal detectors at entrances of dorms
  7. covert weapons detection technology
  8. more street lights
  9. more staffed security booths
  10. only clear transparent bags can be brought to sporting events

The proposal will enclose 90% of the campus in fencing barriers. Many are calling it “a wall,” but University officials deny it will constitute a wall around the campus. Wilson says he will ask Maryland Governor Wes Moore to pay the costs.

Morgan State University is located in 61.6% Black Baltimore. In 2020, 94.0% of Baltimore’s known homicide suspects were Black. In 2021, they declined to report data to the FBI. The communities north, west, and south of the University are about 90% Black. The communities to the east are over 50% Black.

Earlier this year, US President Joe Biden gave a speech at Howard University, a Black University in Washington DC. He told them “White Supremacy” was their greatest threat. Months later, a giant mob of local Blacks rampaged through campus beating and robbing Black students.

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