“Activist” killed by police while lunging at woman with butcher knife

NAACP, BLM, and far-left outraged

Tyree Moorehead was shot and killed by a Baltimore police officer as he appeared to be trying to stab a woman with a large butcher knife. The shooting was captured on the police officer’s body camera. Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison defended the officer. After showing the body camera footage to reporters, he stated, “what we can say and what you just witnessed is that a woman’s life was saved.”

Moorehead, an admitted former gang member who goes by Tyree Colion, has been featured in the local news for his graffiti art. He is described as an anti-violence “No Shoot Zone” activist who spray paints murals around the city.

According to the Baltimore Sun, “Moorehead’s family and friends described his behavior in the months leading up to the shooting as erratic and said he faced mental health challenges.”

This is the second time Moorehead has been shot this year. He was shot in the neck last August.

The Baltimore NAACP and Black Lives Matter groups are attacking the Baltimore police department. On social media, far-left activists hype conspiratorial versions of the shooting in which Moorehead is the innocent victim of the White female.

Baltimore was devastated by BLM-led race riots in 2015, leading to a wild surge in homicides and other crimes. The entire state of Maryland saw a 48% rise in its homicide rate that year. Now residents are bracing for possible rioting all over again. 

Baltimore Homicides:

1977: 171 (826k, 20.7 per 100k)
1993: 353 (732k, 48.2 per 100k) former record for highest number and the highest rate
2011: 196 (630k, 31.1 per 100k) 18 year low for both total number and rate
2015: 334 (622k, 53.7 per 100k) new all time highest rate (year of major BLM riot)
2016: 318 (621k, 51.2 per 100k)
2017: 343 (620k, 55.3 per 100k)
2018: 309 (615k, 50.2 per 100k)
2019: 348 (609k, 57.1 per 100k) new all time highest rate
2020: 335 (586k, 57.2 per 100k) new all time highest rate
2021: 337 (584k, 57.7 per 100k) new all time highest rate

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