Taxpayer funded cosmetic surgery for “gender diverse” is now the law in MD

Free tummy tucks and hair transplant surgeries for LGBTQP+

The Governor of Maryland has signed a bill endorsed by John Hopkins University and John Hopkins Medicine. It forces Maryland taxpayers to fund cosmetic surgery for the LGBTQP+ community.

The bill specifically covers “transgender, nonbinary, intersex, two-spirit, and other gender diverse individuals.” The amount of money that can be spent is only limited by “the State budget.”

Maryland’s HB 283 is called the “Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Gender–Affirming Treatment (Trans Health Equity Act).” It creates a massive influx of taxpayer dollars for “gender clinics” and plastic surgeons. Critics say that the enthusiastic support among some aspects of the “medical community” is more motivated by greed than anything else.

The Democratic Party-dominated Maryland legislature passed it with almost 100% partisan votes.

Maryland Governor Wes Moor signed the bill on May 3rd.

Maryland Medicaid gets roughly half of its funding from state taxes and the other half from federal taxes. It is supposed to provide “essential health services” to the poor, disabled, and pregnant.

These “essential health services” will now include plastic surgeries to the abdomen, chest, trunk, buttock, face, neck, and genitals. Recipients of these free high-dollar surgeries would only have to claim that their outward appearance does not reflect their true “gender identity.”

Recipients can also change their mind and get taxpayer funded treatments to try to reverse previous taxpayer funded treatments.


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