Black University students brutally beaten by mob of “locals”

Where is the media coverage???

Howard University is a “Historically Black University” located in Washington, DC. The University is in the Pleasant Plains neighborhood, near Bloomingdale and McMillan, all of which are majority Black.

Earlier this month, witnesses say about fifty Black males, described as “DC locals,” showed up on campus around midnight. Then, they began launching mob attacks on students. One victim was even stabbed. The thugs robbed some of their victims of Nike shoes, cellphones, and other items.

Local media claims the perpetrators came from Banneker Community Center. This is adjacent to Howard University and run by the Washington DC Department of Parks and Recreation. One juvenile was arrested and had a gun. His identity is classified.

Howard University officials have announced drastic action. They say they will install over 1,000 cameras and implement safety paths where students will always be within 100 feet of a security guard.

Coverage of the large-scale violence was mainly quarantined to only one local NBC affiliate. Even then, they focused a large portion of their coverage on criticizing the actions of a security guard.

This is the same college campus where US President joe Biden recently told Black graduates that “White Supremacy” is the most dangerous terrorist threat they face.

On July 13th, a Latino immigrant was murdered at Howard University while doing construction work. The identity of the suspect was classified because he is under 18. On August 5th, a man was shot and wounded next to the Howard University College of Engineering. No further details have been reported in the media.



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9 months ago

Damn black white supremacists.

John Holmes
2 months ago

Joggers and teens strike again