EFF riots and attacks White elected officials in Tshwane Council Chamber

Riot inside Tshwane Municipal Council Chamber

August 31st, members of the Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] rioted inside the City of Tshwane Municipal Council Chamber and assaulted White elected officials.

This council consists of 214 members and rules the northern half of Gauteng Province. This region is about 20% White. The EFF is the third largest party with 23 members. They began rioting when the other parties refused to re-instate 100 municipal workers who had been fired for striking. The workers are part of an EFF backed union called South African Municipal Workers Union [SAMWU].

The mayor, who is a member of the centrist Democratic Alliance, has called for criminal charges against EFF members.

The EFF is most known internationally for openly promoting murderous racial hatred against South African Whites.



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