New South Wales is back to an extreme lockdown despite very low Covid-19 deaths

Australia had six Covid-19 deaths last week

For the entire duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, Australia has reported fewer than 1,000 total deaths. Even now, despite an alleged resurgence in the virus, Australia only logged six Covid-19 deaths last week.

New South Wales [NSW] logged one Covid-19 death last week. Yet, the state initiated harsh new lockdown measures.

Under Premier Gladys Berejiklian, the NSW government raised the penalty for not wearing a mask to $500. They also instituted a $1,000 fine for attending a public protest against the lockdown.

NSW Minister of the Police David Elliott has set up a special task force of 22 detectives that will be dedicated to tracking down protesters so they can be given fines.

However, the Labor party is backing even harsher penalties, even if you are only protesting online!

Proposed new fines:

Organizing a public protest, $20,000 fine.

Attending a public protest, $5,500 fine (up from $1,000).

Posting about a public protest on social media, $11,000.

Over the past weekend, 1,000 police officers were deployed in Sydney to prevent anyone from protesting the lockdown.

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