Portland earmarks 3.1% of its federal rescue package for “artists of color,” only 1.6% for victims of gun violence

Portland is squandering federal rescue package as city goes down the toilet

Photo by Portland artist of color Melvin Buezo, who specializes in colors.

Portland is getting $63.8 million in “rescue money” from the federal government to bail out the mismanaged city. The money is coming out of the $1.7 Trillion stimulus package passed by the US Congress last March.

The city has earmarked $2 million to spend on “the relief and recovery of artists of color.” In other words, free money to people alleging to be “artists” who are not White people. Peter Kirsanow, a Republican member of the US Civil Rights Commission, called this “racial discrimination” and a violation of civil rights law.” Kirsanow warned that the courts could block the money.

Portland has also earmarked $2.5 million, or 3.9% of the rescue money, to create “vibrant and inclusive community safe spaces,” whatever that means. 

Meanwhile, Portland is earmarking $1 million for “wraparound Services for Families Impacted by Gun Violence”. Portland is experiencing its highest homicide rate in the history of the city, by a large margin.

The city government is also intentionally obfuscating the source of the money by mixing the federal rescue package with other city funds in the budget.

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