Finnish PM alleges that most Covid restrictions will end within weeks, but refuses to give a timeline

Denmark is ending restrictions on September 10th

Denmark and Finland are allegedly preparing to end most Covid-19 restrictions. It is important to note that Sweden refused to lockdown society and only isolated retirement homes and assisted living facilities. Finland shares an artic border with Sweden, while Denmark’s largest city is linked to Sweden’s largest city via the Øresund Bridge.

Neither Denmark nor Finland faired any differently than Sweden, even though Sweden had far fewer restrictions.

Currently, the Danish government says all restrictions, except for those on the border, will end on September 10th. This has put pressure on other Scandinavian governments to end restrictions as well.

On Monday, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin stood on the steps of the House of Estates in Helsinki and proclaimed, “We will open society and keep it open.”

Yet Marin seemed to backtrack immediately, saying that restrictions would still exist but that “we ensured that the various measures would affect people’s lives as little as possible economically, socially and [in terms of their] well-being.” When pressed for a timeline, Marin refused to give one.

Marin suggested that all restrictions could be removed once 80% of the population is vaccinated. Those taking a vaccine in Finland must take one of the two-dose mRNA vaccines. Either Moderna, Pfizer, or AstraZeneca. Currently, about 65% of the population has received both doses of an mRNA vaccine.

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