Tax-payer supported far-left activist charged with serial knife attacks in Portland

At least four women attacked

Update: We previously stated that Christopher Luchini appears on the website of the Civil Liberties Defense Center [CLDC]. There is a screen capture of an article about the group holding a “charity concert” that includes Luchini’s name and picture. The CLDC says the article came from a High School Newspaper and not from their website. The group claims they have no knowledge of who he is.

Portland has become internationally famous for the hyper-violent nature of its left-wing activist scene. Since October 2019, at least five people connected to Antifa have died in violent homicides. Three were murdered, of which none were killed by someone from the right. One died in a shootout with federal law enforcement after stalking and murdering a Trump supporter. Another died during a shootout between armed Antifa and a homeowner while a violent Antifa riot was in progress.

The non-stop parade of violence and crime from Portland’s far-left activist community continues.

Portland police say that Christopher Luchini attacked at least four different women with a “bladed weapon for slashing.” Three were hospitalized. None of the victims knew Luchini beforehand.

Police say there are likely to be more victims, and they are urging people to come forward with information.

Luchini appears on an official government website for Multnomah County as a member of the Multnomah Youth Commission [MYC]. The MYC are left-wing activists endorsed and funded by the City of Portland’s Office of Community & Civic Life and Multnomah County Chair’s Office of Diversity and Equity. According to an official website for the city of Portland, MYC put on a presentation titled “Uncovering Our Police System: A Narrative by Urban/Suburban youth of Color in a State Based on White Supremacist Ideals” in 2019.

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