Portland’s police chief Chuck Lovell confirms Antifa stole “critical crime scene evidence” from mass shooting

Armed homeowner was a "furry"

Numerous Antifa identify as “furry” on social media.

After Antifa shut down a law enforcement press conference on the shooting, acting police chief Chuck Lovell and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler conducted a private press conference via zoom.

Acting police chief Chuck Lovell detailed how evidence was stolen from the crime scene. This sounds just like the Antifa-involved shooting in Portland last August. Portland police also accused Antifa of stealing evidence from that crime scene.

Afterward, Oregon Public Broadcast reporter Jonathan Levison asked about an issue circulating on Twitter. Far from being the “right-wing terrorist” hyped by Antifa, “armed homeowner” Benjamin Smith was active in the local “furry” community. He used the pseudonym “Polybun.” These are people who dress up in animal costumes. Furies are often associated with left-wing and LGBTQP+ circles. There are also many Antifa who identify as “furries/furs” on social media.

Allegedly, people who had ties to both the Antifa community and the furry community in Portland knew Smith. They began announcing his identity on social media days before the police confirmed it. There may have even been a pre-existing beef between Smith and local furries involved with Antifa.

Investigators say that Smith confronted armed Antifa who were blocking traffic on a residential street where he lived. After yelling at them to leave, he was surrounded and pushed. He then allegedly opened fire with a handgun. At least one other person fired a weapon. An AR-15 was used to shoot Smith. Police say that Smith has not been interviewed because he is still in serious condition. However, he is expected to live.

The Multnomah District Attorney’s Office has filed a second degree murder charge against Smith for the death of Brandy June Knightly.

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