Mass shooting at funeral for a gunshot victim in St. Paul. One dead, four injured.

Homicides exploded in St. Paul after the George Floyd riots

Casanova Carter

On Monday, there was a mass shooting at the Bradshaw Funeral Home in St. Paul, Minnesota. Police say there were multiple shooters, and they are searching for three Hispanic male suspects.

A funeral was going on for homicide victim Casanova Carter. Carter was shot and killed on February 1st. Currently, no one has been arrested for his death.

Agustin Martinez, 28, was killed. Three other adult male gunshot victims were found at the scene. One was still listed as critical on Tuesday. Another 17-year-old gunshot victim arrived at a local hospital immediately after the shooting. He is suspected of being a fifth victim of the funeral shooting but is not cooperating with the police. 

St. Paul has seen a dramatic explosion in homicides ever since the George Floyd riots.

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