Major European media outlet says Israeli firm is manipulating foreign elections

Der Spiegel claims Israeli firm has an 82% success rate in "hacking" elections

Recently we reported how Palantir CEO Alex Karp seemed to openly brag that European governments are using his AI software to manipulate their elections

Today, one of Europe’s most widely recognized media outlets declared that an Israeli tech firm is manipulating foreign elections.

Der Spiegel is one of the top 40 websites in Germany, according to SimilarWeb. It is one of the most internationally known and respected media outlets in continental Europe.

They just made bombshell claims about the Israeli hacking firm they call “Team Jorge.”

According to Der Spiegel, “Team Jorge” will manipulate elections for a fee and has already run operations in thirty-three national elections, with twenty-seven succeeding. Three of the countries affected are Indonesia, Kenya, and Mozambique.

Der Spiegel says they have over 30,000 sophisticated fake accounts on social media sites that can co-opt election narratives and spread fake gossip about a candidate. They also conduct high-tech hacking campaigns against politicians.

Der Spiegel says it has spent six months investigating the company in conjunction with Haaretz, a prominent Israeli media outlet, and Radio France. The investigation also involved a collection of investigative journalists called “Story Killers.”

The story is now spreading across the Europe media.

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