Who are the victims of the 1992 LA race riots?

Most have no idea so many died

In 2012, the LA Times made an online database of 63 riot deaths. The links on their website are now broken. However, we figured out a way it can still be accessed. Click here.

The list contains:

Blacks: 28
Latinos: 19
Whites: 13
Asians: 2
Middle Eastern: 1

Three Blacks and four Latinos were killed in self-defense shootings. One Black was killed by a stray bullet from a law enforcement self-defense shooting.

One of the deaths is a White male who died in his home of a drug overdose. One is an 83 year old Black male who had a heart attack at his home. The LA Times says that these deaths are from the stress of seeing the rioting. However, this is a bit of a stretch.

Three of the Blacks died in car wrecks. The LA Times attributes these to the riot because they occurred at intersections where the street lights were out.


  1. Matthew Haines, 32, and his nephew were pulled off their motorcycle, beaten, and shot. Haines died while his nephew survived.
  2. Howard Epstein, 45, was randomly murdered as he drove his car. Someone pulled up next to him and opened fire.
  3. Aaron Ratinoff, 68, was strangled to death while grocery shopping.
  4. John Doe #80, a young White male found dead in a torched Pep Boys store.
  5. Kevin E. Evenahan, 24, died while trying to extinguish a fire set by arsonists.
  6. Ira F. McCurry, 45, was shot and killed while trying to stop arsonists.
  7. William Ross, 33, was found dead in a market that had been firebombed.
  8. Wallace Tope, 54, was beaten to death. Two Latino suspects were given wrist slap plea deals.
  9. Edward A. Travens, 15, was randomly shot and killed.
  10. Lucie Maronian, 51, was stabbed to death. Two Black teenagers were tried for murder, but multiple jurors refused to convict them.
  11. John H. Willers, 37, was randomly shot and killed.
  12. Patrick Bettan, 30, was accidentally shot by a co-worker while their store was being looted.


  1. Carol Benson, 42, hit by a car and drug to death.
  2. Gregory Davis Jr., 15, shot and killed.
  3. Kevin J. Edwards, 35, shot and killed.
  4. Meeker Gibson, 35, shot and killed during drive-by on a gas station.
  5. Paul D. Horace, 38, shot while trying to buy drugs.
  6. Dennis Ray Jackson, 38, shot and killed outside housing project.
  7. Howard Eugene Martin, 22, killed by stray bullet from a shootout between cops and gunmen.
  8. Alfred V. Miller, 32, drive-by shooting.
  9. Suzanne R. Morgan, 24, murdered by boyfriend.
  10. Ernest Neal Jr., 27, shot in front of liquor store.
  11. Anthony Netherly, 21, hit by stray bullet.
  12. Imad Sharaf, 31, drugged and burned alive.
  13. Anthony J. Taylor, 31, killed by a stray bullet from shootout between cops and gunmen.
  14. Dwight Taylor, 42, shot and killed.
  15. James L. Taylor, 26, shot in front of looted store.
  16. Fredrick Ward, 20, shot and killed.
  17. Louis A. Watson, 18, shot and killed.
  18. Elbert O. Wilkins, 33, shot outside a liquor store.
  19. Brian E. Andrew, 30, died fighting with police.
  20. Darnell R. Mallory, 18, died fleeing from police after robbery.
  21. Jerel L. Channell, 26, died fleeing from police after robbery.
  22. Juanita Pettaway, 37, died fleeing from police after robbery.
  23. DeAndre Harrison, 17, killed while shooting at police.
  24. Charles W. Orebo, 21, killed while shooting at police.

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