Caught on video: Smoke Shop employee fights off four armed thugs in brutal gun battle

One dead

The Los Angeles police department has released surveillance video of an insane shootout inside a “smoke shop.” Four murderous thugs attempted to rob an employee at gunpoint. Even though the employee was wearing a kevlar vest and had a holstered handgun himself.

Despite being shot multiple times, the victim returns fire as the perps stumble over each other like cartoon characters. The victim sustained injuries to his face and chest. He has since been released from the hospital.

One of the thugs was shot and identified when he arrived at the hospital. That suspect died of his wounds. Police arrested a second suspect the next day. However the LAPD say two suspects are still at large. They are asking for the public’s help. Their names are Kahlel Lundy, 23, and Keith Rachel, 21. The LAPD says they will be charged with murder for causing the death of their fellow accomplice. The deceased and the second suspect have not been identified by police.

These two thugs are still at large.

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