Mentally ill serial car crasher was allowed to keep driving until she finally slaughtered six people

Prosecutors say they will consider charges for past cases after it is far too late

Nicole Lorraine Linton

This is just like what we see with all other types of serial criminals. The judicial system pampers them, and they commit progressively worse crimes until someone is dead.

Nicole Lorraine Linton, 37, was flying down a busy urban street at 90 mph. She ran straight through a red light and hit six other cars. Two of the cars immediately burst into flames, and victims were hurled from their vehicles. Four adults, a one-year-old baby, and an unborn baby were killed. Two adults and six children suffered non-fatal injuries.

The fatalities are Craig Pitchford, Reynold Lester, Asherey Ryan, 23, Alonzo Quintero, 1, and an unborn baby.

Linton suffered only very minor injuries. 

Linton was working as an ICU nurse through a temp agency. However, she never even completed her nursing degree. Her attorney also says she has “documented profound mental health issues.” She has been involved in at least 13 other wrecks. In 2020, she was in an accident in which two cars were totaled, and people were injured.

A witness claims that prior to the crash, Linton was drinking and fighting with her boyfriend.

So a mentally ill woman, who serially crashes vehicles, was allowed to work as an ICU nurse with no degree?

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office says they will go back through the records and determine if any of her previous crashes warrant charges. What good does that do now?

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