Two Orlando reporters shot after arriving to report on a shooting

Spectrum News 13 reporter dies

Two people working for an Orlando media outlet, Spectrum News 13, were among the victims of a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Police say, Keith Melvin Moses, 19, killed Nathacha Augustin, 38. A crew from Spectrum News 13 arrived at the scene to cover that killing.

Then Moses allegedly came back and shot four more people. T’yonna Major, 9, was shot and killed inside her home. Her mother was also wounded. Then the killer approached the news van and opened fire on the crew.

Reporter Dylan Lyons, 24, was killed. Photojournalist Jesse Walden was seriously injured. Spectrum News 13 is owned by Charter Communications.

Keith Moses had been previously arrested for gun violence but was allowed to walk free and continue committing crimes. Police say previous charges include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, and grand theft.

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