AG attempting to remove Soros-funded St. Louis prosecutor by force

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardener has wreaked havoc on the city

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced today that he is taking legal action to attempt to remove Kim Gardener, the chief prosecutor of St. Louis. He filed motions to remove her for neglect of ethical, moral, and legal obligations.

Though rare, there have been cases of Missouri chief prosecutors being removed like this in the past.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is an activist “progressive prosecutor.” George Soros spent over $300k for her 2016 election and 2020 re-election.

The latest outrage was the maiming of a sixteen-year-old girl by a perp who Gardener’s office was coddling.

Progressive prosecutors are part of a radical activist movement focused on reducing the number of people, specifically Black males, that are held in jails and prisons. The main way they do this is by not prosecuting people who commit crimes. A Soros-funded progressive prosecutor was removed from office in San Francisco. Efforts are also underway to remove Soros-funded chief prosecutors in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Janae Edmondson had both legs amputated after robbery suspect Daniel Riley hit her with his car while driving recklessly. Edmondson is still in serious condition on a ventilator. Riley was out on bond, and despite fifty-one violations, Gardner’s office refused to revoke his bond and put him in jail. In the wake of this crime, St. Louis Mayor Tishuara Jones criticized Gardener for “losing the trust of the people.”

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