Transsexuals chant “kill a terf today” at Bay Area venue

Singer calls for murderous violence against his political enemies

Militant transsexuals chanted “Kill a terf today” inside a venue in the Bay Area recently. The exact location is unknown. The word “terf” means “trans-exclusive radical feminist.” It is supposed to be a derogatory term for women, especially those who are politically left, that do not accept transsexual men as authentic women.

The singer calls himself “Precious Child,” and his albums are titled “Violence” and “AR-15s for transgendered teens.” The chorus for the title track for Violence goes, “I am the future because I am Violence. Kill them with Violence, or they will silence.”

He has a large number of violent provocations on Instagram. Apparently, Instagram, which has banned mainstream conservatives, allows this.

Among other things, he burned two mock World Trade Towers for the anniversary of 9/11 last month. 


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