Topeka, KS sets new all time homicide rate record

And there are two months left!

In 2017, Topeka, Kansas, had the highest homicide rate in city history. They beat their old record from 1994. However, they have already surpassed the 2017 rate in 2023, and there are over two months left!

Topeka is now being called “The Murder Capital of Kansas.” Wichita and Kansas City, KS, had wild spikes in 2020 during the BLM riots. Kansas City is on track for less than half the murders they had in 2020, and Wichita is on track to have about three-quarters. Meanwhile, Topeka will likely have over a third more homicides than their 2020 number.

In general, homicides in Kansas seem to be on a downward trend since the wild 2020 spike. Topeka is the only large city that is going in the opposite direction.

Topeka Homicides:

1994: 28 (123k, 22.8 per 100k) – third highest rate

2017: 30 (127k, 23.6 per 100k) – second highest rate

2023: 32 (126k, 25.4 per 100k) – already a new record

Kansas Homicides:

1974: 159 (2,270k,  7.0 per 100k) – highest rate

1980: 163 (2,354k, 6.9 per 100k) – second highest rate

1994: 170 (2,554k, 6.7 per 100k) – third highest rate

2019: 130 (2,913k, 4.5 per 100k)
2020: 193 (2,914k, 6.6 per 100k) – fourth highest rate
2021: 173 (2,935k, 5.9 per 100k)
2022: 163 (2,937k, 5.5 per 100k)

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