Mass shooting at techno club in Wichita after thug expelled. Six shot, one killed.

Suspect already had two outstanding felony warrants

There was a mass shooting at Enigma Club & Lounge in Wichita, KA.

Last night, Keshawn Maurice Dawson, a 23-year-old Black male, was expelled for fighting. Police say he returned shortly after midnight and began shooting people through multiple glass windows. Preston Spencer, a 34-year-old Black male, was killed. He was a local bartender who left behind a wife and two kids.

A total of seven women were taken to local hospitals. Five of them had been shot, and two others were injured in the chaos. Local media have given wildly conflicting accounts of how severe their injuries are. A spokesman for the Wichita police said two of the female victims had life-threatening injuries, and another three had serious injuries. The victims range in age from 22 to 40.

The suspect is a convicted felon who already had two outstanding felony warrants. Currently, he is still at large.

The Enigma Club & Lounge has numerous video clips on its Facebook page. They feature DJs playing techno music, and their clientele is overwhelmingly White.

This website has been talking about the constant mass shootings at rap and hip-hop concerts. Five people were shot at a rap concert called “Atlanta Black Pride” just two days ago.

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