Sweden has 21 former ISIS working in public schools, childcare, and youth centers

What could go wrong?

When ISIS was conquering large Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria, thousands of European Muslims traveled to the Middle East to join. This included many women who married ISIS fighters. Sweden became highly controversial for its carefree approach in allowing these women to return to Sweden.

Now it has been revealed that out of 83 people who left Sweden for the “Islamic State” and then returned to Sweden, 21 are working in Swedish public schools, childcare, or youth centers. A few are even working as school teachers. This fact was exposed by the Swedish media outlet Expressen.

Charlotta “Lotta” Edholm, The Swedish Minister of Education, says there will be a full investigation. She says that Säpo, the Swedish Security Service, should inform parents if their children’s school employs a former ISIS member/associate.


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