NPR: mRNA vaccines provide “super human immunity” as long as you already caught the virus and developed natural immunity first

They tested this using a genetically enhanced version of the virus!

Tax-payer-funded state media outlet NPR alleges that mRNA vaccines can offer “superhuman” immunity to SARS/Covid-19, but only if you already developed natural immunity from catching the virus.

In two of the most vaccinated nations, Israel and Singapore, mRNA vaccines have been highly disappointing. Both countries are experiencing surging rates of infections, hospitalizations, and Covid-19 related deaths. NPR seemed to be very aggressively spinning the mRNA vaccine in the most positive way possible.

Critics say the core claim in the NPR article almost sounds like a parody. “yeah, it works great if you already caught Covid-19 and developed immunity on your own.”

However, there is something very dark in the article. NPR also alleges that researchers in New York City are experimenting with a version of SARS2/Covid-19 that is genetically engineered to defeat antibodies. Research that probably would have been illegal in the USA before 2018.

Virologist Theodora Hatziioannou says she is leading research using “a virus engineered, on purpose, to be highly resistant to neutralization.” Hatziioannou is a research professor at NYC’s Rockefeller UniversityThis engineering virus is being manufactured to have “20 mutations that are known to prevent SARS-CoV-2 antibodies from binding to it.”

Some would go so far as to say they are “weaponizing” SARS2/Covid-19.

Most of the world now agrees that SARS2/Covid-19 escaped from a lab right in the middle of a major Chinese city. The same lab was experimenting on the corona family of viruses, and this research included “gain of function” research in which viruses were enhanced through genetic engineering.

Hatziioannou says that this “engineered” version of the virus is more likely to be neutralized in blood from people who have developed natural immunity and took an mRNA vaccine than people who only have one or the other. The findings are supposed to be valuable information. But at what cost? Why are they creating a super version of the virus that could escape from another lab?

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