Minneapolis city council asks lawmakers for protection against left-wing violence

They are focused on their own safety, not the general public

In 2020, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fry and the city council allowed mobs of BLM and Antifa to take over the city and commit at least one hundred and sixty-four acts of arson. They caused over one hundred million in property damage. Two people were murdered during the initial rioting, and a rioter was killed in a self-defense shooting. Afterward, BLM & Antifa were allowed to take over a city block and declare it the “Free State of George Floyd.” Three more people were murdered during “protests” at the autonomous zone in 2020.

Then two more rioters were killed in 2021. One died while trying to block traffic in the middle of the night. Several others were seriously injured at the same time. Another person was murdered at the autonomous zone while supposedly providing security for “protesters.”

At least eight people were killed during BLM & Antifa rioting in the city in 2020 & 2021. Instead of prosecuting rioters, city officials persecuted some innocent victims with charges.

Minneapolis officials now publicly complain that they are being threatened by the same violent mobs they allowed to flourish.

On February 24th, three Minneapolis city council members, LaTrisha Vetaw, Emily Koski, and Michael Rainville, filed police reports against far-left activists who violently disrupted a city council meeting the previous day.

Jacob Fry and his wife say they are receiving death threats and live in fear of being accosted by violent leftists wherever they go.

The Minneapolis city council, who previously voted to defund the police in December 2020, voted to request help from state lawmakers.

They voted 7-6 to ask state lawmakers to amend the Open Meetings Act to allow Minneapolis City Council more leeway in cracking down on people trying to disrupt city council meetings.

They voted 8-4 to ask state lawmakers to increase the penalties for assaults and threats of violence against public officials and their family members.

Notice that these two items only affect their safety! They are still not concerned with the safety of the general public.

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