Two shot, one killed inside BLM “autonomous zone” in Minneapolis

Is anyone surprised?

Statement from Police

Black Lives Matter “activists” have revived their Minneapolis autonomous zone. They are holding a 24/7 BLM protest for the duration of the trial of Derek Chauvin. It is called “The Free State of George Floyd.”

You may remember the BLM autonomous zone in Seattle, WA. For much of June 2020, police stood by and watched as multiple city blocks were turned into a permanent twenty-four-hour a day Black Lives Matter protest. Several different mob fights broke out between rival left-wing groups and what appears to have been rival gangs competing to sell drugs. A motorist was shot and injured on June 7th. On June 20th, two different people were shot in two different incidents. Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr, a 19-year-old black male, was killed. On June 21st, a fourth person was shot. On June 23rd, a fifth person was shot. On June 29th, a sixth and seventh person was shot. Antonio Mays Jr., a 16-year-old black male, was killed.

The Seattle 24/7 Black Lives Matter protest left two black male teenagers dead, a 14-year-old black male teenager in critical condition, and four other males with gunshot wounds.

Would you be surprised to learn that a black male has been shot and killed at the Free State of George Floyd?

Thirty-year-old Imez Wright has killed by gunfire over the weekend. A second victim was injured. Much like the murders at the Seattle BLM autonomous zone, his death has barely received any media coverage.

The shooting took place at “George Floyd Memorial Square,” the intersection where George Floyd died while in police custody. BLM activists claim that a four-block area around the intersection is an autonomous zone.

There has been violence stemming from this BLM “autonomous zone” in the past. Last September, a white male was attacked and beaten unconscious. BLM “activists” then tried to block emergency personnel from reaching the injured man. The victim, who owns an auto body shop in the area, suffered a fracture to his facial bones and broken teeth.

Shortly after, city officials denied the existence of the autonomous zone despite barricades in the streets.

A BLM protester, who calls herself a “medic” for the autonomous zone, said she heard what sounded like hundreds of gunshots Saturday night.

A city “shot spotter” device picked up the gunfire and alerted police. When the police arrived at the barricades, they were greeted by BLM protesters who actively prevented them from investigating the crime scene. Imez Wright was driven to a hospital but died.

Police say that the shooter left in a Chevrolet Suburban that had bullet holes in it.

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