Somalian arrested for vicious hate crime style fireworks attack that injured baby

He bragged about the attack online

Police say Khalid Hassan, 18, has confessed to hurling fireworks at the handicap section of a crowded movie theater. At least three people were injured, including an eleven-month-old baby that suffered burns on her face. It took place on July 12th in Eagan, Minneapolis. This is a suburb of Minneapolis.

Hassan was charged with felony assault, misdemeanor assault, threats of violence with intent to terrorize, and property damage. Hassan and unnamed accomplices posted a video of the assault on social media. Hassan identified himself as being the perp on social media.

His bail has been set at $50k.

Related: On July 4th, groups of Somalians in Minnesota launched hate crime-style assaults against random pedestrians and motorists with fireworks.

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