Parents, other adults, rushed to school to join 200 person fight

NAACP attacks Black cops for breaking up violence

East Baton Rouge [EBR] schools are notorious, and EBR Readiness Alternative School is one of the worst. It was formerly known as Brookstown Middle School, and the sign has yet to be changed. However, it is now a High School. Some media report that it is a dumping ground for students expelled from other EBR schools.

Last Wednesday, the school erupted into a massive fight involving two hundred “students and parents.” Three police officers were injured trying to break up the fighting. One officer suffered a broken hip and lacerations.

The fight started between two groups of females early in the morning. The local media outlet WBRZ is claiming that a group of female students and a mother initiated the fight by waiting for another group to walk by and ambushing them.

Fighting spread across the school. Then, adults allegedly began arriving at the school after receiving text messages. Some of these adults jumped in and joined the fighting. The adults are described as parents and locals.

Ten students were arrested, and three were charged with felony battery against police officers. Another five were charged with “disturbing the peace by fistic encounter.” Two more were charged with lesser crimes.

The NAACP immediately denounced the police and called for action against two Black cops. The school is listed as 95% Black.

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