Dutch government collapses over immigration

Will anything change?

Guest column from Renaissance Horizon:

The ruling coalition has collapsed. Prime Minister Mark Rutte is pretending to be strong on immigration. He was never firm before, but the rank and file of his party are demanding something be done.

After economic migrants illegally enter the Netherlands and apply for asylum under some false pretense, they can start bringing in family members. In the USA, this is what we call chain migration. As I understand it, Rutte wants an annual limit of 2,400 people who can enter as family members of so-called “asylum seekers.”

Rutte leads the centrist People’s Party for Freedom & Democracy [VVD]. His coalition partners are the establishment center-right Christian Democrats[CDA], the weird left-wing Christian Union [CU], and the left-wing Democrats 66 [D66].

If I remember correctly, CU is a left-wing party, but they oppose abortion and are mildly Euroskeptic. They were part of the ECR (conservative/Euroskeptic) but left and denounced it as racist.

D66 and CU are refusing a 2,400 cap on family members of illegal immigrants. They support the replacement of the Dutch people with the entire third world.

This four-party alliance goes back to 2012.

Technically the D66 and CU could be replaced by conservatives who oppose immigration.

D66 and CU collectively hold 29 seats. Geert Wilder’s party (17), Thierry Baudet’s party (5), the splinter group that broke off of Thierry Baudet’s party (3), the Calvinist Party (3), and the Farmer Citizen’s party (1) collectively hold 29 seats.

However, Rutte is probably too much of a cuck to try to create a new hardline anti-immigration ruling government. The Dutch will most likely hold an early SNAP election.

VVD/D66/CDA/CU were all HUMILIATED in the recent Senate election.

The new Farmer-Citizen party took a shock first place, pushing the four-party coalition down to a dismal 32% of the Senate.

The Farmer-Citizen party [BBB], which is a pro-farmer/Euroskeptic/populist protest-vote party, is still polling in the first place by a huge margin. However, support has waned some since the May Senate election.

I am trying to figure out what Rutte’s goal is here. He must know that BBB will take a huge chunk, and his party will lose seats. Unless he believes that people will flock to his party solely because he just now wants to kinda/sorta do something to slow down the tidal wave.

On June 30th, Piel published a poll showing the former VVD/D66/CDA/CU alliance collectively taking a humiliating 24% of the House, with BBB taking 18% and conservative anti-immigration parties taking another 20%. The poll also said 46% picked immigration as the Netherlands’ biggest crisis. Another 35% picked the man-made global warming hoax, and 19% chose the financial policy. This polling was probably done before the French immigrant riots started.

BBB members picked immigration as the biggest crisis by about 65%. However, VVD members picked immigration at slightly higher than that.

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