Welsh NGO enlists young girls to entice new immigrants

The Great Replacement

The far-left open borders “non-profits” use a variety of tactics to recruit people in the third world to become illegal immigrants. This one is alarming. The Welsh Refugee Council [WRC] enlisted young girls to make videos enticing third-world non-Europeans to become “asylum seekers,” AKA illegal aliens, in Wales. The WRC falsely characterizes economic migrants, who are seeking financial benefits, as “refugees” in need of help.

The true goal is too undermine democracy by bringing new voters into Wales that will support far-left/Marxist politicians.

The WCR describes itself as follows:

We promote the interests of asylum seekers and refugees, and support initiative to ensure they are welcomed in Wales and are given protection and support. We provide advice and support for refugees, focusing on preventing homelessness. We provide paralegal advice and support for women seeking asylum. We run play development sessions for the children of refugees and asylum seekers.

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