France passes bill enabling faster deportations and limiting welfare benefits

Is the tide turning?

The French national assembly passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill by a vote of 349-186. It enables faster deportations of illegal aliens. It also limits access to welfare benefits and citizenship for illegal aliens.

The bill was supported by the nationalist/populist National Rally and the center-right Les Republicans. It split the ruling centrist Renaissance party in half and was opposed by the Socialists and far-left parties.

Both National Rally and Les Republicans are claiming victory. Emanuel Macron and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who are both part of the Renaissance Party, were in favor of the bill. In recent months, Interior Minister Darmanin has express a willingness to defy the EU on deportations.

Health Minister Aurélien Rousseau, an ex-communist now part of Macron’s Renaissance Party, resigned over the bill. Far-left NGOs who support open borders are denouncing the bill.

Under the new rules, migrants could wait years to access free housing and other benefits. It will be harder for the children of illegal aliens to become citizens. Dual citizens can be stripped of their French citizenship if they commit a serious crime.

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5 months ago

alll after the fact

the takeover is entrenched

this is all for show