France could start ignoring the ECHR on deportations

They would pay a $3k fine for each foreigner deported against court's rulings

One tactic used by left-wing NGOs to fight deportations in Europe is to claim that the person might be subjected to torture in his home country. These cases are often taken to the European Court of Human Rights [ECHR], an international court overseeing the 46-member Council of Europe.

In 2020, only 7% of French deportation orders were ever carried out. In 2021, it was only 6%.

However, French Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin is now willing to ignore the highly politicized ECHR. In 2022, two Chechens were deported to the Russian Federation before their lawyers had a chance to file appeals with the court. The ECHR and left-wing open-border NGOs slammed this action.

Now, Darmanin is said to have carried out the deportation of a suspected Uzbek jihadist in defiance of an ECHR ruling. “M.A.,” a 39-year-old Uzbek man deemed to be a danger to society, was deported back to Uzbekistan on November 15th. This is being called a new escalation in France’s willingness to deport foreigners.

The French Ministry of the Interior could face fines of about $3k for each foreigner deported in defiance of the court. However, Gérald Darmanin says France is willing to pay the price.

Ultimately, France could leave the ECHR and not participate. The former British Home Secretary Suella Braverman advocated that Britain leave the ECHR for this exact reason.

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