Washington Post publishes two articles calling on Adidas to break relationship with “toxic Black man” Kanye West


JPMorgan Chase has deplatformed YEEZY, a company owned by Billionaire entertainer Kanye West.

The Washington Post, which recently declared Kanye West to be a “toxic black man,” has published two articles calling on Adidas to cut ties with him in just three days.

Two days ago, they published an article digging up the so-called “Nazi past” of Adidas. The article states, “There’s a dark chapter in the company’s history, which the company clearly does not want people to talk about,” Swartz said. “And this could bring that back.”

Today, they published a second article calling on Adidas to cut ties with West. It says that his recent comments about Jewish power should be a final straw since Adidas is a German company.

The Washington Post also rails against a new thirty minute video posted by Kanye West on YouTube. The video has been viewed one million times and has an upvote ratio of 96.7%.

The Washington Post company is owned by Jeff Bezos. While the Washington Post brags about being a major website in terms of traffic, much of that traffic is not organic. They purchase vast amounts of traffic from Google.

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