Video: Portland Antifa brutally assaulted a second homeless man near Waterfront Park on August 22nd

Antifa are on video attacking the very people they claim to defend

Antifa went on violent rampages in two different parts of Portland, Oregon, on August 22nd. The violence culminated in a shootout between an unidentified “black bloc” member and 65-year-old Dennis Anderson. After the shootout ended, Antifa impeded the crime scene investigation, and the police are accusing them of stealing crime scene evidence.

One of Oregon’s oldest running Antifa chapters publicly denounced Portland Antifa for attacks on “homeless and mentally ill” persons. We already reported that Portland Antifa attacked a homeless man living in his car near Waterfront Park. They targeted him because he had a small patriotic Gadsden flag on his vehicle.

A much worse attack on a homeless man has now come to light. Antifa assaulted a man on the street near Salmon Spring and Waterfront Park. An undercover photojournalist, posing as Antifa “black bloc,” made a secret recording. This is probably the assault that promoted Corvallis Against Fascism [CVA], a member of the Torch Antifa Network, to condemn Portland Antifa for same violence against mentally ill people as the cops.”

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