Three recent mass murders committed by left-wing activists

Left-wing spree killers

Conner Betts

The radical left loves to claim that their supporters have never killed anyone. So here are three recent mass killings by left-wing activists.

The Dayton Spree Shooter

In 2019 Conner Betts murdered nine people in Dayton, Ohio. He was active, both online and in real life, in far-left movements. He described himself as “a leftist” and had posted pro-Antifa messages on Twitter. He participated in a violent Antifa riot in Dayton that occurred just months before his massacre.

Betts shot a total of twenty-six people, nine of whom died. Another ten people were injured by being trampled. He began his rampage by murdering his sister. Then he went to a Dayton bar and opened fire on the crowd.

Conner Betts was also a member of a Pornogrind band. This is an obscure music genre that features violent misogynistic lyrics. However, the genre is primarily associated with the extreme left. PageFire, a pro-Antifa Youtuber who examines extreme music genres, says that Pornogrind is a mostly left-wing genre even though it is misogynistic. The left-wing music news website MetalSucks, which employs the high profile Antifa activist Kim “Grim” Kelley, also acknowledged that his band was associated with the far-left.

Six of his victims were black. Bett’s massacre is tied for the second-worst white-on-black mass killing in modern US history. Only Dylan Roof, a 21-year-old drug addict who Federal prosecutors say was obsessed with violent Hollywood movies about Skinheads, perpetrated a larger white-on-black massacre. Roof murdered nine black victims in 2015.

The Harts

The Hart Massacre

Jennifer and Sarah Hart were a lesbian couple living in Woodland, Washington with six black foster children. They traveled all over the Western United States attending left-wing events and Black Lives Matter [BLM] demonstrations. They constantly used their adopted children for staged photographs. These photos were featured by major media outlets, including CNN.

Beginning in 2013, when they lived in Oregon, neighbors made complaints that they were abusing these foster children. Nothing was ever done. In 2017, they moved from Oregon to Washington and complaints continued. While there is no way of knowing what really happened, it is very likely that children’s services were terrified to take action against celebrity left-wing activists. Jennifer and Sarah were being profiled and praised by the media this entire time.

One of the victims was photographing crying at a Ferguson, MO BLM protest. The image went viral worldwide.

There are multiple videos and pictures of one of the adopted kids crying. These came from multiple events. One of these pictures, taken at a Furguson, Missouri BLM protest, became an international viral media sensation. Yet, no one questioned why the child was always crying all the time.

Then in 2018, the Harts killed all six foster children. First, they killed the two oldest and disposed of their bodies. Then, they put the youngest four in an SUV and intentionally drove off of a clip in Mendocino County, CA. The remaining four were all killed.

The Hart massacre is tied with the Conner Betts massacre as the second-worst white-on-black mass killing in modern US history.

The Chapel Hill Spree Shooter

Craig Stephen Hicks murdered three college-aged Arabic Muslim neighbors in 2015. He was militantly anti-religious and supported far-left groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] on Facebook. His Facebook page depicted someone obsessed with attacking religious people. He believed religious people were unintelligent and that atheists were intellectually and morally superior. He also claimed that Christians and radical Muslims were the same things. His three neighbors were practicing Muslims, though there was no evidence they were into radical Salafism or Qutbism (Jihad).

The so-called mainstream media danced around his motive claiming he was in a dispute with his victims over a parking space. The SPLC published a blatantly fake news item calling Hicks a “gun enthusiast” and falsely claimed that his Facebook page showed “no clues to what his political beliefs are.” In reality, his Facebook page showed that he publicly supported the SPLC, along with many other far-left organizations.

Hicks’s family told the media that he supported left-wing causes.

Think about this. Conner Betts and the Harts are tied for the second-largest white-on-back mass murder in US history, or at least modern US history. They were left-wing activists. The largest white-on-black massacre was perpetrated by Dylan Roof in 2015. He was never politically active, he just fantasized about a race war. Federal prosecutors said Roof barely had any online footprint, he could not even name a single real-life political leader. Federal prosecutors said he was obsessed with the movies Romper Stomper, starring Russel Crow, the British Indie film This Is England, and the HBO documentary Skinheads USA. During his confession, Roof described his original plan to commit suicide which sounds exactly like a re-enactment of the ending of Higher Learning, starring Michael Rapaport, a Hollywood movie about neo-Nazi skinheads.

So ask yourself. How many of you remember hearing the media talking about Dylan Roof, but you can’t remember the media talking about Conner Betts or the Harts? Ask yourself why that is.

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