Major ABC personality, Rick Klein, calls for “cleansing” of Trump’s movement

Rick Klein is the Political Director of ABC News and a major on-air personality

Rick Klein publicly called for a “cleansing” of Trump’s “movement” on Twitter today. Arguably one of the largest political movements in American history.

Rick Klein is the Political Director of ABC News. He is also an on-air “political analyst” for ABC News, ABC World News, Good Morning America, ABC News Radio, ABC News NOW, and NewsOne.

He is also the co-host of the Yahoo!/ABC News online show Top Line.

Klein routinely posts vitriolic far-left rhetoric on Twitter

Klein’s comment highlights just how extreme the American Broadcast Network has become. A major figure in their “news” department casually uses a term, normally associated with genocide, aimed at a huge percentage of the entire US population. This is dehumanizing rhetoric at its worst, and it should have no place within one of America’s largest so-called “news” outlets.


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