Antifa violently storms Tigard, OR police station, smashes up local businesses

And there was no outrage from the media

Zane Saleem Bsoul was charged with felony rioting and released without bail. A large majority of Antifa/BLM-related offenders are never prosecuted in the Portland area.

At 8:30 PM on January 7th, over one hundred Antifa violently rioted in the Portland Suburb of Tigard. It was the third consecutive night of Antifa rioting in the Portland metro area.

The rioters began by blocking traffic in front of the police station and vandalizing the building. They also stormed the lobby and vandalized the inside. Police declared an unlawful assembly at 8:45 PM. A few minutes later, they declared a riot.

After attacking the police station, the rioters went on to smash windows of small businesses. The police only arrested one person, twenty-year-old Zane Saleem Bsoul.

Despite the media’s alleged newly found outrage over rioting, this riot received zero national coverage. A search on Google News only shows a few Portland area outlets covering the riot. Only the San Francisco Chronicle reported it outside of the immediate area, and their website has a paywall so no one can read it anyway.

Antifa has continued its violent actions unabated since Ted Wheeler’s surprise announcement to crack down on the group. In fact, a group of Antifa members surrounded Ted Wheeler in a restaurant, screamed profanities and one sucker-punched him in the face.

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